SS Peter & Paul, Pettistree

Photo of SS Peter & Paul, PettistreePettistree church community is small (like the village) which leads to the friendly atmosphere that characterises all the services. The church is part of the benefice of Wickham Market and the two churches together hope to provide a broad spectrum of worship styles. This means that all Christians of varying backgrounds can find a service which suits them and with which they are comfortable. Thus has led to a congregation consisting of worshippers from several villages including, Melton and Ufford and of course Wickham Market and Pettistree.

The monthly benefice magazine contains information about both communities and their organisations and is delivered by volunteers for small annual charge of £4.00. Contact 01728 708, to arrange this.

The congregation in Pettistree are generally happier with a more traditional form of service but that does not mean that it is 'old fashioned' in word or outlook, and the monthly family communion service is well supported.

Visitors to Pettistree should try to make time to visit the church to see the mediaeval glass, ( the oldest treasure) and view the most recent work of art, the altar rail kneelers.

Recent improvements to the church heating have greatly increased the congregation's comfort, (not considered important or desirable by the Victorians), as there are now 'under-pew' heaters. The ominous bulge in the nave roof has been repaired and the ceiling structure strengthened and the blown plasterwork on the south nave wall was removed in August 2005 revealing hidden features.

In this second decade of the millennium repairs to the the buttresses at the East end have become urgent, they are no longer waterproof and have suffered greatly in the recent cold and wet winters.  Inside, further repairs are necessary to the nave ceiling.  Both the ceiling and walls will be stripped of paint and limewash applied to allow the ancient walls to breathe.  It is hoped that all this work will take place in the second half of 2014.

Volunteers care for the church and its churchyard and without this help it would be difficult to maintain the excellent appearance of the building and its grounds. The churchyard is still used for burials and all those who live in the village, all church members and also those with a strong family connection with the church are entitled to be buried there. There is a section near to the wall on Walnuts Lane designated for the burial of cremated remains.

Services & Events


  • The Vicar - Rev. John Eldridge on 01728 746026
  • Churchwardens - Brian Nobbs, 01728 746590 & Kevin Blyth, 01728 748205